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Shawn Diez

Student last names: L-Z
541-923-4900 ext. 6307
541-526-8681 (Google Voice)

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Responsive Services

Help process any of the following issues: personal, family, relationship, and mental health.



Address conflict through resolution between students, parents, and teachers.

Group Counseling (time permitting)

Anger Management, Grief Counseling, Peer Pressures, Girls’ Group and Social Skills.

Academic Assistance

Provide direction and guidance regarding study skills support and other academic struggles.

Referral to Community Resources

Refer to professional counseling, educational supports, and local organizations for assistance.

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Mission Statement

The Counseling Program will provide services that support every student’s academic, social-emotional, and vocational development toward becoming a responsible and contributing member of our complex and changing society.



The Counseling Program is an essential part of the overall educational process and is integrated into students’ middle school experiences.  Each student is served by a network of support including staff, parents, and the community; all working to create a culture of acceptance that allows for the most productive learning environment for all students.

We Believe

*Educational, vocational, and personal objectives are attainable by all students.  

*Every student should be served at their developmentally appropriate level.  

*Equitable opportunities exist for all students (IEP, 504).

*Counselors demonstrate personal and professional ethical competencies.  

*All students have access to a state licensed Counselor and Child Development Specialist.  

*Professional development and opportunities for professional growth both individually and collectively are required through Licensure and supported by Redmond School District.

*Counselors connect and network with community, regional, state, and national agencies and organizations in order to access appropriate resources and support for students and families. 

*It is imperative to utilize a nationally recognized framework and standard for evaluation of the Counseling Program for Redmond School District.

How does a student see their Counselor?

If a student would like to see their Counselor, they should fill out their agenda and ask their Teacher to go to the Counseling office.  Unless the student has an urgent need to see their Counselor, the Teacher may recommend a specific time for the student to leave class, so that the student does not miss important academic information.   Additionally, a student is welcome to see their Counselor during lunchtime.

Students will be seen immediately whenever possible.  If their Counselor is not available, the student may fill out a form to see them at a later time.

How does a Parent/Guardian connect with their student's Counselor?

Parents and Guardians are welcome to meet with their student’s Counselor and are asked to make appointments in advance, to ensure that the Counselor will be available.  You may call or email their student’s Counselor to set-up a meeting. 

Hannah Imrem
Student last names: A-K
541-923-4900 ext. 6308

Shawn Diez
Student last names: L-Z
541-923-4900 ext. 6307
541-526-8681 (Google Voice)

Why would a student see their Counselor?
  1.  Personal/Social Counseling – Counselors may assist students to address mental health issues, develop skills to interact more effectively with others, identify personal talents and interests and help guide the transition through Middle School.  Counselors can also provide support and assistance to students and families in crisis and can provide referrals to outside agencies for more extensive assistance including counseling, evaluations or treatment.
  2.  Academic/Educational Counseling – On occasion students have academic problems in areas including study habits, expectations, time management, organizational skills and the level of the curriculum.  Counselors may assist students in exploring solutions to these and other academic struggles.
  3.  Career/Vocational Counseling – Counselors may assist students in the early stages of career exploration.

Teen2Teen support

Oregon Youth Line via:

chat, text, phone call, email

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Calm Spaces

If you have concerns for the safety of any child please call: 

Oregon Department of Human Services Child Abuse Line


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Safe Oregon Report

This report will go immediately to the Redmond Police Department and our school’s Administration.

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In the event of an emergency situation, please call 911.

If you are concerned for you or your child’s mental health and well being please contact:

Deschutes County Crisis Line

541-322-7500 option #9

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