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Classroom Tech Tools

Are you ready to try something new to spice up your curriculum?  Is there one thing from Skip’s “23 Things”  you are just dying to try again, but can’t remember where to start?  Well, hopefully this page will help you get back in technology gear.  I am continuously forgetting (and remembering!) all the cool things that can enhance and improve my classes through the use of technology. Even if you try just one more tool that can reach more student than you reached yesterday, you have succeeded!! So give it a try!  And if there is a tool that you would like to share with everyone else, go to the OMS Teacher Tech Tools Wiki and add it!!
VARIETY OF TOOLS – 100 MORE USES FOR YOUR DOCUMENT CAMERA– Oregon Virtual School District Project– reads the post outloud for hearing or vision impaired– create a set of terms and definitions, or quotes and characters, etc… students use for skill building– lists emerging technologies in the classroom
PHOTOSHARING– incorporates music, photos, and words to present a a slideshow– share and upload photos
BLOGS– great example of use of blogging – how a red paperclip turned into a house!– how each staff member from a middle school in used blogs.– a free setup account allows you to subscribe to any blog or website instantaneously– free blogging website with limited control and space– free blog that is installed on our server– social online network that teachers can control– forums, lesson plans, and a wealth of other resources promoting communication between teachers
AUDIO/VIDEO– free program to create audio files for podcasting– powerpoint with voice over– create your own character with yours, or a students voice– poster creations with audio/video– podcasting– shared videos
MAPS– creating a virtual map with photographs on parts of a map