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Obsidian provides a rigorous and personalized education for all students, affording all learners the opportunity to capitalize on their unique strengths through advanced classes, robust elective offerings, and unique extra curricular programs. A standards based approach to education ensures that our focus is on accessing each child’s ability to demonstrate their knowledge through a variety of teaching methods. We understand that today’s world requires and demands all members of society to be proficient communicators, problem solvers and developers of creative solutions. Our collaborative approach to teaching and learning actively engages all students in their education.

Obsidian Middle School places a strong emphasis on helping each child become a well rounded young person through a combination of strong academic and extracurricular programs while encouraging each student to develop personally in preparation for high school, college and beyond. We are committed to providing our students the individual attention they need for future success. Our staff works diligently to create a safe, positive and respectful environment as students are guided, inspired and encouraged every step of the way on their journey to becoming lifelong learners